1. How do I login to the TP Link router?
    You can login to the TP Link router using www.tplinkwifi.net address and by entering the default username and password when prompted.
  2. What is the default information of TP Link routers?
    The default username and password for most of the TP Link routers is “admin” for both cases. The username and password are both case sensitive.
  3. What is www.tplinkwifi.net?
    The web domain name www.tplinkwifi.net is recognized by the router and the router translates it to the default IP address and automatically redirects itself to the login page of the router.
  4. What will happen to my personalized settings if I upgrade the firmware on my TP Link router?
    The personalized settings will reset if you choose to upgrade the firmware of your router. It is advised to make a backup of your settings before trying to upgrade the firmware of your router.
  5. I cannot access www.tplinkwifi.net. What should I do?
    If you are facing trouble logging in using www.tplinkwifi.net, try logging in with the default IP address of the TP Link routers.
  6. What is Guest Network?
    The Guest Network is an advanced feature with which the user can setup a guest network for their guests and share the internet without sharing their main network and its contents.
  7. Can I setup my TP Link router wirelessly for the first time?
    It is recommended that the user sets up the TP Link router and log in to it using a wired connection with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  8. Will my personalized settings reset too if I reset the router?
    Yes, the personalized settings of the user will reset too if the user chooses to reset the router.
  9. How can I secure my home network?
    You can secure your home network by changing the username and password of the router. Make sure the username and password are hard to guess for the other people.

How do I restrict inappropriate content on my home network?
You can restrict access to any website or inappropriate content on your network using the Parental Control feature of the router after you have logged in to the router.