TP-link Router Setup Over

Prerequisites for Connecting to the TP-Link Wi-Fi Router wifi – TP-link router setup:

  • A Broadband Internet Access Service is essential for access, possibly either over Ethernet network cable wire, DSL or Cable network connection.
  • A Cable or DSL Modem is a requisite too with a condition that it must have RJ45 connector if your TP-link router model is attached to modem with wired wire.
  • A Computer device is needed for directing TP-link router login and TP-link router setup across, it must be connected to the router model employing an Ethernet cable or utilizing RJ45 connectors.
  • TCP/IP protocol should be functioning on the computer.
  • Accessible Internet Web browsers to direct Asus router setup through login.

Positioning TP-Link Wi-Fi Router ahead of TP link Router Setup:

  • Set your TP-Link Wi-Fi router in midway and open location of your house
  • Position your TP-link router in the setting that would cause minimal wireless signal interference from any surrounding metal, or concrete or magnetic objects.
  •  Site your TP-link router on the floor to secure high wireless network signal strength from it.
  • Set your TP-link router in the zone that is devoid of any direct sun rays.

Installation of TP-Link Wi-Fi Router- TP-link Router Setup

Before you initiate TP-link router setup, you must be certain about your TP-link router being connected to the Internet network connection via broadband service as discussed earlier.

  • Turn out your previously connected modem, TP-link router &your computer by dowsing from power.
  •  Set up your TP-link router model in the middle zone for proper wireless network signal.
  • Couple the TP-link router’s antennas to the provided ports in the upright direction and affix them pointing in all directions for uniform signal strength at all sides.
  • Bridge the computer to the TP-link router model adjoining them at one of the four given LAN ports of the TP-link Wi-Fi router utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  • Next, also link your modem to the TP-link router model adjoining it at the router’s given WAN port making use of another Ethernet cable.
  • Boot up all the connected devices – computer, TP-link router model and turn on.
  • Initiate the TP-link router setup directing and router login details over web browsing.

TP-link Router Setup directed through

  1. Direct the TP link router login over the web browsing window using the login web domain utilizing TP-link router login steps as explained below.
  2. Perform TP-link router login process over the browser:
  • Get to the Internet Browsers on your Computer to reach through the TP-link router login with
  • Input the TP-link router login web protocol address or default IP TP n web browser address bar to site the TP-link router configuration page.
  • On the displayed login page, Enter the TP-link router default information – that is “admin” in both the username and password tabs for reaching into the TP-link router’s admin page.
  1. Authorize the TP-link router Configuration for wireless network settings to connect using the wireless SSID/network name And the network key as required.
  2. The TP-link router setup is completed following the router configuration of the network directed over